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2013 Awards:


What's In A Name:

  • ("The brilliance of Nolan's work here is its immediacy: he...makes us confront the difficult question she is (mostly unsuccessfully) trying to grapple with...It's absolutely worth seeing, and also a piece that deserves a long life in productions elsewhere." Martin Denton)
  • Queens Courier ("...a two act nightmarish revelation...a window into the tormented woman’s emotional breakdown." Cliff Kasden)

Acts of Contrition:

  • Excellence in Playwriting Award 2003 New York International Fringe Festival
  • New York Times ("Mr. Nolan writes thoughtfully and carefully about the human cost of a problem that is, after all, a function of human frailty." Bruce Weber)
  • WQXR Radio ("The play would benefit from a professional staging. Audiences would benefit, too." Bruce Weber)
  • Curtain Up ("If your gauge is tuned by thoughtful and well-written plays that are impeccably directed and finely acted, this one will also be at the top of your heap." Les Gutman)
  • (A "timely, provocative play." Kwesi Cameron)
  • ("Acts of Contrition"...has earned its kudos, unfolding beautifully and with substantial complexity into the human side of an incendiary problem. The play is both smart and reverent enough to interweave the gorgeous rituals of Catholicism with the casual, beach-house setting." Jean Tang)

The Way Out

  • Excellence in Performance Award, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, 2002 New York International Fringe Festival
  • New York Times ("Appreciating this play does not require a political interest in Mr. Carter's case. What he seems to have gone through is an enormous magnification of a feeling every human being knows: of not being believed and facing his opinions alone." Anita Gates)
  • Curtain Up ("This is one of those Fringe productions that could easily return for a longer engagement somewhere..." Les Gutman)

Wrong Barbarians

  • ("Depending on where you are in the process of choosing or not choosing to be ruled by fear, this play may prove instructive, cathartic, or perhaps even both." Martin Denton)

Mind, Body, & Spirit: Three Plays by Timothy Nolan

  • Off-Off Broadway Review ("If Mr. Nolan's work is any indicator of the company's general level of excellence, the founders have a very high standard of playwriting indeed." John Chatterton)